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sunroom; book, illustration, typography


I was honored to work with O, Miami to design and illustrate books for the spring & winter 2017 issues of The Sunroom, an annual poetry workshop for elementary school students.

Selected spreads & cover from spring and winter 2017 issues:


My objective was to create a template that could be used for multiple issues and produced cost effectively & quickly.


The students’ work is the highlight of the books, so I gave each poem the space it needed to breathe and be read.


The imagination behind the students’ words inspired me to make drawings loosely based off of several poems.


Besides the design and illustration, I made sure that each student’s name was spelled correctly, each poem the final, final version, and that the line breaks were accurate to the original poem.


I am proud to have been involved with The Sunroom. Each poem is a piece of art, which made this a truly magical project to work on.


design & illustration myself
poetry coordinator, poetry teacher Laurel Nakanishi
a thank you to Melody Santiago of O, Miami,
who brings magic to the city of Miami each year;
the printers at Staples, and the wonderful
students of
Orchard Villa, Poinciana Park, and
Holmes elementary schools
this project was completed in