My illustration is a mix of personal work and commissioned work. I like to create illustrations in whichever medium suits the piece, but I tend to use ink, colored pencil, and digital tools.


I am a girl with a dragon tattoo; personal; 2019


Diving Woman, personal work; 2019

image1 (13).jpeg

Why Is My Coffee So Bitter, personal; 2019

Oh No, personal; 2019

Daydreaming, personal work; 2018

Editorial illustrations (2) for American Way magazine, 2018.

Run, Bowie!, personal work; 2018

Anonymous Project, personal work; 2017 - ongoing

I invite anyone to submit (anonymously or not) their experiences involving sexual harassment, assault, and rape. I create portraits using their words to help show they are not alone.

Cover illustration for Edible South Florida; 2017

Editorial illustration for Covey Club, for a piece about thinning hair; 2018

Rage, personal work; 2018

selected illustrations from “Sleep Like a Tiger”, school project; 2015

Editorial illustration for Covey Club, for an article about women’s libidos; 2018

Mercado, personal work; 2016


Swan Song, personal work; 2016


illustration myself
publications Covey Club, American Way magazine, CRED Philadelphia
shown at Macaya Gallery, Red Bull House of Art, Miam Cafe, Vice City Bean