Samu; branding, print & web

branding, print & web


Samu is a conceptual artist’s collective designed to facilitate one’s creative practice while maintaining positive mental health. “Samu” is a Japanese term which means to work with mindfulness.

My inspiration for this project came from my time studying in Tokyo, Japan.


Along with the logo (above), I designed a catalog that explains how the studio is operated.


I hand-bound the book using Japanese stab-binding.


Selected spreads can be viewed below.


In addition to a catalog, I designed flyers for workshops and open houses:


I also designed a promo poster that breaks into separate postcards, which can be used to reach out to resident artists. (For the sake of the project, I selected some of my favorite artists as hypothetical residents).


The logo is made with a stamp, an idea which I carried through the rest of the project. The postcards (above) are each stamped with the artist’s initials. You can see the steps of the process below.


Finally, I designed a website, which is the digital version of the catalog. A full run-through of the website can be viewed by clicking here.

samumockup2white copy copy.jpg

conception, design, production myself
art direction Paul Kepple
this project was completed in